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Porsche Taycan

Already Porsche’s best-selling car in the UK. Fast to drive and fast to charge. Four-doors make it practical for everyday use, too.

Porsche Taycan white front left


245mi (real world)


287 Wh/mi


0-62mph in 5.4 sec

Top Speed


Usable Battery


Charging Port


Approved by octopus

The Taycan has been in development for the past 10 years, on race circuits and extreme parts of the world. This car isn't like any other electric car, it is a Porsche that happens to be electric and caters to their fans and owners. It is build with driver engagement and performance at heart. It is Soul Electrified.


The sweeping lines from front to rear have been art of Porsche DNA for many years and that sloping roof line that typifies a 911. Porsche have worked at new ways of implementing technology into Taycan to create a four door supercar. Apple Music and Maps are built in to create a seamless user experience, a cable both on the circuit and in the city.

Slow 3.7kWh Chargers

Typical location:
Avg. miles per hour:
11 miles

Fast 7kWh Chargers

Typical location:
Home | Work | Public
Avg. miles per hour:
21 miles

Rapid Chargers

Typical location:
Public (short stays)
Avg. miles per hour:
487 miles
Porsche Taycan white front left

1966mm wide

1395mm high

4960mm long

  • Drive:

    All wheel drive

  • Seats:


  • Boot volume:


  • Tow hitch possible:


  • Roof load:


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