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Coming soon 2022

Genesis Electrified G80

The Genesis Electrified G80 is the Korean manufacturer's first upmarket saloon. The sleek and elegant exterior combines with a refined forged wood interior finish to give a luxury feel inside and out.


275mi (real world)


300 Wh/mi


0-62mph in 4.9 sec

Top Speed


Usable Battery


Charging Port



Futuristic yet sustainable - the inside of the Electrified G80 really lives up to the luxury electric saloon label. Top of the range tech like the impressive Genesis Touch Controller, allows for quick and easy control of the infotainment system, contained in a 14.5 inch display, that has become synonymous with the Genesis brand. The tech sits in an eco-friendly ‘Forged Wood’ dash, created with recycled pieces of wood from the furniture manufacturing process, adding to the green credentials of driving an EV. It's comfortable too, with plenty of legroom and an overall sense of quiet, even at higher speeds.