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Show your team you care, about them and the planet.

Boost your benefits package with salary sacrifice for electric cars.

It's like cycle to work, but for electric cars.

Help your team switch to an electric car through salary sacrifice and they can save up to 40%.

How can salary sacrifice benefit my company?

Attract and keep the best talent

75% of employees say they're more likely to stay because of their employee benefits package.

Pay less National Insurance

Your business saves on National Insurance, which many opt to put back into the scheme.

Hit your sustainability goals

Helps your business become more sustainable and rewards your team, with no cost to the company.

Free to set up and easy to run

It costs nothing to set up and is easy to manage with our HR portal. Minimal admin. Maximum team happiness.

How does it work?

  • Your team choose a brand-new EV

    Once you’ve joined the scheme, your team can browse the cars available through our quote tool to find out how much they can save

  • Paid through their salary

    Once they’ve chosen and the car’s been delivered, your team will pay for their brand new EV through their gross salary. That’s before tax and other contributions are deducted, so they’ll save on Income Tax and National Insurance.

  • And make tax savings

    They’ll pay a small amount of Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax, which is currently set at just 2% until 2025. This is partly what makes salary sacrifice the cheapest way to get an electric car.

What's included for my team?

We offer everything you need to hit the road.





Servicing and maintenance

Breakdown cover


EV energy tariffs from Octopus

Intelligent Octopus is the perfect tariff for EV drivers. Using cutting edge technology, it gives you super cheap, green energy overnight between 11.30pm to 5.30am so you can charge your car when you’re least likely to be using it and save money at the same time.

Wake up to a topped up car, for just 10p per kWh.

At home or on the go charging solutions

Free home charger

Because we’re part of Octopus Energy, we can offer your team a free home charger, installed by expert Octopus engineers. This covers a standard installation, if there’s more work involved at their home there may be a charge but we’ll let them know once we’ve figured that out.

No driveway? No problem

If any of your team don’t have the off-street parking required to get a standard home charger installed, we’ll give them 4,000 miles of free charge on the public network through Electroverse.