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Some FAQs

Can I get a personal lease for an electric car?

We do credit and affordability checks on all our customers, and if you're good to go we are happy to get you rolling in that brand new EV! Get a quote for an EV here.

Can I customise my car on business contract hire?

It depends. Not all electric vehicles are available for customisation and might be available ‘as is’ with standard options. Some have all types of fun gadgets and requirements to choose from, but be aware these will reflect in your monthly rental fee and add time to your delivery date. All options must be added before the BCH agreement is final.

How do I get my insurance set up?

If you have insurance included in your scheme:
We aim to make it hassle-free to get on the road and out there enjoying your EV. We work closely with our partner, Lloyd Latchford Insurance Group, to make sure that your insurance is up and running from the day of your delivery.

Lloyd Latchford will reach out to you by email a few days beforehand and confirm all the details with you. It's important you respond to this as soon as you can. Shortly after delivery, your insurance certificate will be emailed to you.

In a small number of cases, like if you get a car on speedier delivery, your EV might arrive before Lloyd Latchford have been able to get in touch. If your car has been delivered and you haven't already spoken with Lloyd Latchford, please reach out to them as soon as possible to confirm your details (and any named drivers) and car registration number. Please don’t drive your car until the insurance is all set up and Lloyd Latchford Insurance Group have confirmed that you are ready to hit the road.

You can contact them on salarysacifice@lloydlatcford.co.uk or 01844 276498.

If you don't have insurance included in your scheme:
You’ll need to organise insurance cover and send us a copy of the policy documents at least 7 days before your delivery. Your insurance needs to be fully comprehensive and you'll need to keep this updated for the duration of your lease, as well as send us any additional policy documents.

Some Testimonials

Bloom Procurement Services
It was the sales approach and how the team managed the relationships that swung it for us. It was unlike anything else I’d experienced when looking into salary sacrifice car schemes.

Ben Stevenson

Chief of Staff at Bloom Procurement Services

We liked the fact that it was a purely electric vehicle scheme because we consciously make decisions that support our corporate social responsibility.

Michelle Havenhand

HR Manager at Tecman

Being able to offer something that promotes cleaner transport has been a real benefit to helping our team live our mission of a more sustainable world – they are amazed at what a brilliant deal this is.

James McMaster

CEO at Huel