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  • May 20, 2020

  • 10 min read


Salary Sacrifice & Building Sustainability

Aside from the monetary benefits of the Go Green Car Scheme, the initiative brings a whole host of other perks. Implementing an electric vehicle only salary sacrifice scheme is a unique way for businesses to encourage green driving and sustainable habits by their employees. Through wider electric vehicle adoption, businesses can boost their green credentials, lead by example for their employees and wider community, whilst also actively contributing to a greener world for future generations.

Just how much of a greener world?

With the average car in the UK celebrating it’s 8th birthday, advancements in technology in the automotive industry have been outstanding, meaning these vehicles are some of the most polluting models, as well as needing costly servicing, maintenance and TLC.

There is an awareness that all vehicles use carbon to be made, however, most electric vehicles are made from sustainable materials, or carbon offset to ensure they are as green as possible.

Now, imagine, you are able to offer your employees the opportunity to update their vehicle, with no down payment, with workshops on how to drive electric, and with a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability and cost savings they will achieve by making the switch to electric.

What does this mean for my employees?

You are able to offer your employees options for making smart choices about their future, and the future of the planet. For a lot of employees, financial well-being is something that is at the forefront of their minds, and with the knowledge that they can sell their current vehicle with no down-payment on a new one, brings about more security for these employees.

This hand-in-hand with proven evidence that schemes like the Go Green Car Scheme are a fantastic tool to retain and attract talent to your business, and potential employees are actively searching for employers who practice sustainable initiatives, there are so many reasons why this scheme will can for you, just like it did for Nexus Point:

'I've long been interested in EV's, but as someone who regularly does round trips of 250 miles I've never been able to afford a vehicle with the range I've needed. The savings from the scheme and the 0% BIK mean my outgoings on car and electricity now are slightly below what I was paying for car and diesel before. Moving onto Octopus Go for home charging has saved us more money, and the Tesla Supercharger network has meant any range anxiety disappeared after the first trip. I've already recommended the scheme to colleagues who have been blown away by both the car and the savings.'

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