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  • Mar 29, 2022

  • 4 min read


Can I still get a free EV home charger through the OZEV grant scheme?

The UK government has been a great supporter of electric vehicles and they’ve put in a lot of schemes in place to accelerate their uptake. One of the ways they were incentivising drivers to switch to electric was through the EV Homecharge Grant (also known as the OZEV grant). This grant subsidised the cost of an electric car home charger for any electric car driver with a driveway.

There are some changes to the grant that new EV drivers need to be aware of, as it might affect whether you’re able to get this grant after April 2022.

What is the OZEV grant?

The Office for Zero Emissions (OZEV) is a team working across government to support the transition to zero-emission vehicles. In 2014 they launched the EV Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) to help with decarbonising our transport system and reducing air pollution through zero tailpipe emissions.

What are the changes to the OZEV grant?

The OZEV grant gives electric car drivers a 75% contribution towards the cost of one EV chargepoint at home and its installation up to £350, including VAT.

The grant is coming to an end in April 2022 for homeowners who live in ‘single-unit properties’. This grant will no longer be offered to drivers who live in detached, semi-detached and terraced houses or bungalows.

The OZEV grant is still available to drivers who live in flats and in rental accommodation. This move by the government helps those who might have found it difficult to switch to driving electric because their landlord hasn’t installed a charge point. The new EV charger grant makes it possible for them to get a charger and installation at a hugely discounted price.

Free EV home chargers for Octopus Electric Vehicles customers

Our customers say that having a home charger is really valuable to them. The government grant has given drivers another brilliant incentive to switch to electric and these types of EV incentives help to move us all towards a greener, fairer future.

We’re happy to say that we’ll continue to fund home chargers for drivers on our salary sacrifice scheme beyond the April cut off for the OZEV grant. We’ll cover the cost of an Ohme Home Pro charger plus a standard installation at your home.

As home charging is still the cheapest option for charging your electric car we want to help more drivers get more miles in their tank for less money. This is on a lot of drivers’ minds with the recent hikes in fuel prices. Electric car drivers who have a home charger can get access to Intelligent Octopus, our specialist EV tariff that gives drivers super-off peak, green energy in the middle of the night at a cost of around just 3p per mile.

How can I get my free EV home charger?

Customers can take advantage of our free charger and installation offer when they join our salary sacrifice scheme through their employer. We’ll take care of the whole process with our sister company, Octopus Energy Services, when you choose the Ohme Home Pro charger for your home chargepoint. Check out our home charging page for more information on how the charger installation process works.

Our salary sacrifice scheme is an employee benefit that allows you to get the best new electric cars, paid for through your gross salary. This means you can make big tax savings on the cost of the car.

As an employee, with salary sacrifice, you pay for your brand new electric car from your gross salary. This reduces your take-home pay, which lowers the amount of Income Tax and National Insurance you have to pay overall. You can save up to 40% on the cost of a brand new car using salary sacrifice, depending on how much tax you pay.

The payment for your car comes out of your salary each month and includes the whole package. The car, maintenance, insurance, tyres, MOT and roadside assistance from the AA.

Joining our salary sacrifice scheme is easy and it’s completely free for employers to set up. There are just a few bits of admin to get started.